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L42E1 základná doska HAIER-RTD2674S 0091802097 s T420HW06

L42E1 základná doska HAIER-RTD2674S 0091802097 s T420HW06


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SKU: w23110

Štítky: chladnička invertného, ovládanie haier, klimatizácia midea, pre Haier, klimatizácia haier, haier telefón, haier, haier chladnička, práčka haier, prípade haier.


  • Číslo Modelu: Zápas kúpiť
  • Druh: Mraznička Časti


Kelley Velreisha11


in the first order, the seller never shipped the item, after I've received automatically the refund by aliexpress, I've purchase again the product sending a notification previously to the seller to notice him about our order. after receiving the package the PCB comes in a very bad state, rust in all metal parts, some plastic connectors comes broken, marks of adhesive tapes and very dirty (dust and sticky), we saw several components re-soldered in a bad way, after connecting to the screen, nothing happens, the PCB does not work and the tv no startup, a completely loose of time. after the request of the refund, no answers from the seller side. after the aliexpress research on the case, I've received a refund.



The provider did not ship the product inside the time range that he has to deliver and AliExpress automatically canceled the order, when the provider was contacted to know what happened, he said that he doesn't receive the payment, and that was so weird because AliExpress charged to me the cost of the product in my bank account. the good thing is I've received the refund by AliExpress and I could place a new order this time notifying some time before to the provider to be able to make the shipment in time, accord with the post specifications.

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